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As we commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, there are four lessons we can glean to apply to our own life journey. There will be times when we feel a resurrection or reawakening is necessary for us to continue living. During those periods of reawakening, Jesus provided a great example and teachings we can use to enhance our rebirth.


People will talk about you whether you’ve been an angel or not. Regardless of how perfect you try to be, you will experience trials. One key practice you can learn from Jesus is to remain steadfast in what is true. He consulted God and accepted what his role was even leading up to his death. Upon knowing his purpose, Jesus continued moving forward without excuses, bickering, or insult. Therefore, from Jesus’ example, know your purpose, keep your focus, and remain committed to your purpose.

 Independent Grit

Another lesson you can glean is that some battles or obstacles are meant to be your individual journey. While you have well-intentioned family and friends that desire to assist you, often your obstacles are personal and independent. Therefore, your family and friends cannot provide what you need to successfully overcome the obstacle. Your obstacle requires your physical or psychological strength, submission to the issue, prayers, and courage to overcome.


One lesson that reverberated for me was Jesus’ confidence. Even after knowing what his mission was, Jesus willingly forged ahead with confidence. His confidence was evident as he responded to Pilate before his crucifixion as well as to his mother and disciples after his resurrection from the tomb. Hence, you want to be confident going into your mission and as you face your obstacles.


Once Jesus was resurrected, he left the old linen behind. When you work on your resurrection (metaphorical rising from whatever is dead within you) or a reawakening of the new way you choose or feel led to live; you will want to leave the old “stuff” behind you. Consider this, when you lose weight and adopt a healthier diet, you will not wear the larger sized clothes you previously wore nor eat the fatty foods that formerly plagued your life. A new way of living requires a new mindset and actions. Hence, accept and walk into your newness!