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What is Mental Health? Mental Health affects how we think, act, and feel. Mental Health includes our emotional, social well-being, and psychological-being. It is important at every stage in life from childhood and adolescence through adulthood (menatalhealth.gov).

Mental Health can be divided into a large spectrum of disorders. The disorders that affect minorities the most are anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder and schizophrenia (healthyplace.com). At Clarity Psychological Group, we frequently see clients who experience depression, anxiety, and stress. Not all people diagnosed with depression or anxiety take medication. There are various strategies we employ to help a client who deals with depression or anxiety.

The best way to get help with a mental health disorder is to be able to talk to a therapist about your troubles. Therapists help clients adjust their lifestyle and modify the stressors in life that impact their overall well-being. Clients are often surprised by how they feel after just talking through some of their issues.

The role of mental health professionals is diverse. They deal with many mental health disorders, but also help clients who need guidance in their life choices. In order to learn more about mental health and illness there will be Twitter chats this month on the topic. You can subscribe by following @Minority Health.

Clarity Psychological Group has four therapists that are experienced with various mental health issues. Allow one of our therapists to answer your questions about counseling with a free brief phone consultation. You can call or email our office at 404-699-3170 or admin@claritypsychologicalgroup.com to schedule an appointment or your free phone consultation.

Written by Eileen Pelaez, (GSU Intern)