Our team

Managing therapist, Dr. Joyce Irons, has more than 15 years experience in psychotherapy and counseling, and uses a holistic approach. All therapists in the practice believe in keeping mind, body and spirit in tune to create success and achieve goals.

Dr. Joyce Irons


Joyce C. Irons has had over thirty years of teaching, management, consulting, marketing and counseling experience. Read more…

Kyri Harris


Kyri Harris is committed to promoting healthy individuals—children and adults, marriages, and families. Read more…

Jannise McKamey-Bruell

Jannise McKamey-Bruell began her career working in the field of education after she completed both a Bachelor of Liberal Arts and a Master of Liberal Arts at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with an emphasis on Psychology, Women’s Studies and Child and Family Studies.

Denitra L. Gaines

Denitra L. Gaines is a Licensed Professional Counselor who earned her degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Liberty University with a focus on women’s issues. She had a non-traditional path to the world of therapy having also worked in theater, film and television, but believes these experiences have only enhanced her commitment to supporting individuals experiencing life’s’ struggles. She enjoys partnering with people wherever they may be in life and help them carve out the path that leads them to discover their best life.  Denitra enjoys working with individuals, couples, women and families. She is excited to bring her enthusiasm and varied experiences to the table.

Naomi Peterkin

Kewashah Naomi Peterkin is an Associate Professional counselor, who holds a Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling, with a focus on minorities. She is a Nationally Certified Counselor and is an active member of the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia as well as the Chi Sigma Iota-professional counselors honor society.

Jayne’ Green

Let’s face it, we face so many increasing demands each and every day.  How can we balance it all?  Who can we consult for strategic planning?  Or better yet, who is willing to listen to the daily struggle of managing the household, meeting the demands of our employer, ensuring all of the bills are paid on time and trying to fit in time to live life rather than merely exist in the world?  Adolescents also face many demands and pressures, but they may not necessarily know the best ways to manage and need an outlet as well.  Well, that person could be me.  No matter the situation or problem, everyone deserves the right to be heard and understood.  Allow me to be the Therapist who can guide you through some of your toughest challenges, finding solutions or just better ways to manage.

The Clarity Psychological Group was created to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of mental health issues. We specialize in all areas of counseling psychotherapy, whether on an individual or organizational basis. With a holistic approach to therapy, we believe that our clients will gain a better understanding of themselves by “bringing Clarity to confusion”.

We accept most major insurances as well as provide a sliding scale under special circumstances. We are also partnered with Employee Assistance Programs to help meet your specific needs. Please call our office for more details.We accept the following insurances: Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, Tricare and United Health – alphabetical order.